Healthcare Marketers are Revising Strategies

Healthcare marketing is widely used by various healthcare systems and hospitals.  These institutions are spending millions of dollars in advertising, placing a special focus on the patient.  The advertisements are geared toward educating patients as well as providing interesting material to emphasize their role as healthcare consumers.  Recently, however, there has been a debate amongst healthcare marketers as to how the marketing is presented (mass-marketing through print or digital marketing) as well as making sure it is done in an ethical and effective manner.  Because of this, healthcare marketers are revising their strategies.


Because of recent changes in the healthcare system as well as insurance deductibles rising, patients are far more incentivised to shop around and be choosy about which practitioner they choose.  It is up to the provider to make themselves be the most attractive option out there, and this is done through strategic marketing efforts by reputable SEO companies..  Rather than targeting physicians, healthcare companies want their marketing teams to target consumers and thus change their behaviors over the years. A recent survey was done at a Washington, D.C. based healthcare consultancy by the Advisery Board Co.  Anna Yakovenko, a sr. consultant at the firm, said this about healthcare marketing: “Marketers are being asked to drive not only volume, but (are) pivoting to understand what consumers want so they can market appropriately.”.

The behaviors marketers are looking to target are where and how consumers are using healthcare services. The goal of any healthcare company is to get people to choose them.  In addition to this, the goal is to get the consumers to choose them because of the value they bring.  More is not necessary also better.  An example of recognizing consumers as value-shoppers is a healthcare company based out of San Francisco, that retargeted their marketing campaign to include this slogan: “Hello Humankindness.”


The goal of their marketiNG tips for small buSIness is to help consumers make the most informed decisions. A hospital system in New Jersey makes it a point to show patients that their practice will provide them continuing care.  They are looking to gain and keep patients for the long run. They incorporated this into their marketing message by pointing out several benefits they offer: 24-hour health advice call line, urgent care center, primary care center, and an emergency department.  Consumers can consult this specific institution for any of their needs.

In order to best target consumers and change their behaviors, healthcare companies are realizing that they need to spend less money on advertising through big billboards and television ads, and spend more money advertising in a digital manner via best marketing comPAnies in Indianapolis. These avenues include social media, apps, search-engine marketing, and websites.