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Coming Back To the Basics of Websites’ Ranking

Whenever there is a discussion about ranking factors, people usually consider it a discussion about catching up with algorithmic changes. While it is pretty much important to stay updated in this regard, one must not forget about the basics which make up good websites. A nicely optimized and high quality website is the one which works under any new condition.

Design of website

Website traffic is something you can get eventually with right tactics but if your website is not attractive, it is not going to convince your visitors about staying on it and explore what you offer. You may think about craigslist here as this platform doesn’t an impressive design, yet it does great on the web. Well, you are not craigslist and you will have to work quite well in order to draw people’s attention to your website.

There is no shame in admitting that you don’t have any skills in designing. So it’s quite unwise to focus on something you are not good at. That’s where web designers come in. You can give this task to freelance web designers while you focus on getting other things straightened up.

Reaching the audience

Before you consider keyword research, you will need to focus on SERP research first in order to find out what people look for. Analytics can show you numbers about several keywords but what you should look at in first place is the people’s attitude towards a product or service.

In order to decode the scenario, there are a few questions you need to ask yourself.

What search term I would go with if I didn’t know about this industry?

Well, our knowledge about the industry and the biases we have should be analyzed well in this regard. It is the human nature to take known things for granted until there is a serious thought process run over it.

What query would I like to use in order to find what I need?

It becomes simpler when you see things from searchers’ perspective. Try to recall the times you search for something related to the industry you don’t know much about. Think about the modification of search queries you make.

Is there anything special in top ranking websites that we are not offering?

For this purpose, you will have to do the analysis of competitors’ websites. Look into the categories and find out what special they offer.


Content is one of the most important factors which you cannot ignore even in seo. Here, you will have to look if your content really offers good value to your visitors. If it doesn’t, you will need to step back and rewrite your content to make it impressive. Furthermore, you should focus on creating better content instead of creating the bulk of it. With a huge volume of content, you will have to work exceptionally harder in order to promote the website.